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Kayaking in Saint Petersburg

Kayaking in Russia opens up a whole new avenue of adventure. Discover the magnificent city of Saint Petersburg as you paddle along its canals and rivers.

The only real way to see this beautiful city as it was really intended

This is a unique opportunity to see this beautiful city from the water, just as it was always meant to be seen since the very day of its founding. Saint Petersburg is known throughout Europe as the Northern Venice for good reason.

Up to the beginning of the last century, the city’s rivers and canals served as the main artery through which all transport had to pass. As such, our city doesn’t have a single palace or building worth seeing that faces its adjacent streets or avenues. Every last one of them actually faces the water and their true splendour can only be appreciated when you paddle by in a kayak.

When you take a trip along the rivers and canals by kayak, you are transported back more than half a century ago to a time before cars and traffic jams and before the streets were crowded and packed with billboards.

Whether you’re floating along the Moika or Fontanka canals and are gently rocked by the waves of the river, or you’ve stopped to rest alongside the Summer Garden, you’ll have opened your eyes to a whole new Saint Petersburg that few are privileged to see.

If you limit yourself to walking along the streets and avenues, you’ll hardly see any of the genuine charm and magnificent architecture that inspired such great works of art and literature. The real beauty of our city can be discovered only by taking a trip along the water in a kayak.

About Us

We are a team of life-loving, positive-thinking entertainers. We love kayaking, canoeing and taking trips along all kinds of water courses. It’s what we love the most and it’s what we’re the best at doing!

Our kayaking excursions along the city’s rivers and canals open your eyes to the long-gone world of 18th and 19th century Saint Petersburg. Among many other sights, you’ll see:

Beautiful embankments
Magnificent palaces
Breathtaking panoramas
The Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood
The Summer Garden
The legendary Aurora cruiser

All of this and much more is included in our extensive tour packages.

Within the City Boundaries

Our urban excursions are best suited to those who love a good adventure and are used to getting out and about. We offer you a new way of taking an active vacation — kayaking around Saint Petersburg. Our trips are suitable for all ages and backgrounds so come along and give it a go!

To explore the city by kayak is an entertaining affair and will prove to be a real adventure. We organize 3 to 4-hour long tours, during which time you’ll see all the most famous city sights and take in the most magnificent panoramas only visible from the water. You’ll see the historic city center in a way that simply isn’t possible if you were to stay on dry land.

Kayaking along the canals around the city is a pleasantly strenuous activity that’ll allow you to enjoy the fresh air and have a truly unforgettable experience that you’ll treasure for many years to come. Our attentive instructors will lead you along an interesting path through the city and they’ll even lay on some sandwiches and hot tea at the end!

Going Further Afield

In addition to our city-based forays, we also offer day trips to the most beautiful locations in Karelia and the Leningrad region surrounding Saint Petersburg.

Our canoeing trips along the rivers and lakes of the Karelian isthmus are an excellent option for those who enjoy active vacations in the fresh air but would like to take things one day at a time.

If you’ve enjoyed a spot of canoeing before, you’ll relish the chance to find out what it means to paddle along in a proper one-man kayak. That said, we also offer two-man kayaks if you’re that way inclined.

Our day trips take place every Saturday and you’ll have to register your interest with us in advance as places are often limited. We first meet up at 7 AM (07:00) outside the «Ozerki» subway station and then we take our trusty minibus down to the start point. Once we’re in place, we’ll run through some safety information before we get cracking. At last, we’ll split up into our separate groups and be on our way.

Once the day is over, we’ll take the minibus back to the city or to the nearest subway station. We always aim to make it back to Saint Petersburg by 11 PM (23:00) on the same day.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our kayaking trips in Saint Petersburg and the surrounding countryside, drop us a line using our contact form or take a look at our FAQs.

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Come out on the water with us and see the city in a whole new light

Canoeing trips along the rivers and lakes of the Karelian isthmus

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